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On-Site Cleaning Services

A regular workstation hygiene service by TCA trained specialists will promote staff wellbeing and reduce absenteeism.

  • The cleaning of telephones and computers - the two most used personal items of office equipment - is often neglected.

  • Contract cleaners are generally not trained and do not have the necessary skills and suitable products to disinfect safely and effectively.

  • Regular office cleaners do not usually clean telephones/computers. If they do, they often use the same dirty contaminated rag over again, therefore spreading the bacteria.

  • TCA staff are fully trained and equipped and follow specifically developed protocols which incorporate the use of environmentally friendly, safe effective cleaning & disinfecting products.

  • TCA staff are uniformed, cause little interruption to your staff, and work flexible hours to suit your needs.

  • All TCA staff have a National Police Check. 

  • Our service products contain 70% Isopropyl Alcohol- designed to disinfect and clean. We also have non-alcohol based products if this is prefererred.

  • We never use the same cloth twice

  • A calling card and mint are left at each workstation

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Protect your staff from illness

Increase the life of  your equipment

Reduce eye strain

Improve equipment performance

Reduce Absenteeism

Create a healthy pleasant workplace environment

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