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Telephone Cleansing Australia

  • TCA have been specialists in this field since 1980, and we have become the largest telephone and computer 'on-site' cleaning company in Victoria, with associate companies in East Coast capitals. 

  • We also supply "Do-It-Yourself" products in the form of telephone disinfecting sachets & computer disinfecting sachets (alcohol and non alcohol based). We have sachets to clean and disinfect your telephones, computers, printers, photocopiers, EFTPOST machines, mobile phones, headshets and other electronic equipment. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

  • Our staff are fully trained and equipped and use specifically developed protocols and products that are environmentally friendly and safe.

  • Services are conducted with a minimum disruption, usually during business hours on a regular basis. We can fit in with your specific requirements. Our staff wear a distinctive uniform and identification. All staff have Police checks.

Hundreds of businesses (large and small) use our expert service as part of their OH&S protocol.
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